Gallery description:
Ratakaevu 6 Art gallery has a wonderful cozy space in the heart of Tallinn’s old town that’s full of color and coziness. Two large windows facing the street invite passers-by to enter and explore.

The guests are greeted by walls in different colors, numerous works of art, comfortable sofas-armchairs and fresh coffee, which can be purchased from our Art Cafe. Rataskaevu 6 Art can accommodate 30 people with seats and, with standing, a total of 40-45 people. Chairs and tables can be moved according to the performer’s wishes. Since we do not have a stage in the gallery, the performer can choose the corner of the performance at their own request.

The attached pictures/video help to illustrate the appearance of the gallery, but if you wish, you can also come and take a look at our gallery or we will make a video call with you at a previously agreed time.


Those intrigued, who want to come and perform at Rataskaevu 6 Art Gallery, please send us the following information to info@6art.ee:

  1. Esineja(te) nimi/Performer(s) name*
  2. Ürituse pealkiri/Headline of the event*
  3. Üritus(t)e kirjeldus/Description of event(s)*
  4. Esineja(te) kirjeldus/Description of performer(s)*
  5. Viited veebilehele, youtube vm / References to your website, youtube etc*
  6. Soovitud esinemiskuupäev(ad)/Desired date(s) of performance*
  7. Mitu korda soovite esineda?/How many times would you like to perform?*
  8. Soovitud esinemiskellaaeg/Desired time of performance
  9. Vajalik helitehnika/Sound equipment needed
  10. Piletihind/Ticket price
  11. Erisoovid/Special requests


Please send the information to our e-mail. It would be great if you include some links to online platforms where we can learn more about your activities. You can also include additional questions and clarifications in the email, we are ready to help you!

Sound equipment:
We can offer you a microphone with a stand, a cable for the microphone and an amplifier with a stand (if curious, we are ready to send you pictures to illustrate). If additional sound equipment is requested, we recommend that the performers organize it themselves, but we are also ready to help you if necessary.

We recommend that performers put a ticket price on their events to secure a seat or standing for guests. The performer will receive 70% the profits of the ticket sales, the gallery will take 30% for their own.

The performer can design the promotional posters for the events themselves, or, if requested, we are ready to do them ourselves. Let us know your wishes in good time! We will also print posters of your event in a small quantity and put them up a week or two before the performances around Tallinn. If you want a larger quantity, you are always welcome to print more. For our part, we are ready to organize events on Facebook (we will definitely add you as a co-host) and make corresponding advertising posts on our gallery’s online platforms (Facebook and Instagram). If we are ready to add you to our Fringe program, then we can continue to communicate either by email or you can always visit our gallery on Rataskaevu street, where you can learn more about what the venue is all about.


MORE INFORMATION www.fringe.ee/participate