Asta Buteniene

I’m  the founder of the Artbyasta brand that I’ve been developing for more than ten years. Although I’ve been creating and drawing since my childhood, my most active creativity period began while still living in the mountain country of Switzerland. I started actively creating paintings there. I was full of ideas, thoughts, which I very quickly layd down on the canvas and as soon as the paint had time to dry, they found new homes all over the world.

A few years later, when I was already living in Estonia, in Tallinn, the first illustrations with cats appeared, which have not let me go to this day. It’s no secret that the Artbyasta brand is very close to cat lovers. I like to draw, sculpt or even create a cat out of pebbles.

I try to make every work I create make you smile, lift your mood and give you the best emotions.

Veronika Benoni

Veronika Benoni is one of the most popular artists in her native Czech Republic and is a co-founder of The Benoni School of Painting.

Benoni enjoyed painting as a child, memories from her childhood, including conversations with her grandfather remain a strong influence in her life. She graduated from the College of Arts in Leningrad and continued her studies in the USSR Academy of Arts.

In 1998 the Benoni’s established their school of graphics and painting. In the 2001 they opened in Mala Strana, Prague.

Veronika Benoni’s artwork can be found in private and public collections around the world. She lives and works in Prague.

Vadim Voitekhovitch

Vadim Voitekhovitch  has graduated from the Bobruisk University of the Arts. He is known for being a creator of his steampunk universe, where the subjects are retrofuturism and alternate history in the 19th century. He paints in oil and watercolour.

Vadim was born in 1963 in Belarus, has grown up in Tallinn and now lives and works in Germany.


Rozanne Bell

Rozanne Bell is a uniquely talented artist whose work reflects a fusion of her African heritage and British sensibilities. With a bright disposition, Rozanne brings immense creativity and flair to her art. Her sunny outlook is complemented by an infectious energy and originality that is mirrored in her paintings, making them both exciting and entertaining. As a mother of five, Rozanne’s artwork is a cherished part of her family life.

Born in Zimbabwe, Rozanne began exhibiting extensively in southern Africa before attracting international attention. Her success spans continents, with her paintings showcased in banks, boardrooms, and galleries worldwide. After moving to England in 2002, Rozanne quickly adapted to her new surroundings and has since breathed new life into the British art scene. Her unique subject matter and fresh perspective continue to captivate audiences of all backgrounds. Rozanne’s paintings are characterized by a sense of vitality, humor, and originality that make them highly sought after.

Kim Curson

As an artist, my work is a reflection of my personal beliefs and experiences. It is my belief that beauty lies in the simplicity of life, and my work aims to convey this message. Every painting I create is a reflection of my inner feelings and creativity. As a mother, I have had the opportunity to connect with my inner child and capture this innocence and naivety in my artwork.

In my natural surroundings, I find the inspiration to create art that captures the essence of Earth and Sky. The colours I use in my paintings are carefully mixed until I achieve a perfect harmony. Blue is a personal favourite of mine, and experimenting with its different shades and depths is always an exciting challenge. Soft pinks and vibrant reds are also incorporated, and I use them subtly to evoke warmth and comfort.

The stories I read to my son inspire my art, such as the tales of cosy cottages and starry nights. By depicting these fantasies through my paintings, I endeavour to transport viewers back to a state of innocence and wonder. I hope that you enjoy the passion I have for my work and the stories they inspire.

Eliza Jane Speight

Eliza Jane is a Scottish artist who attended art school in England during the early 90s. After graduating, she developed an interest in traveling and financed her trips across Europe by selling her artwork. Her family has a tradition in forestry, with both her father and grandfather working as foresters. This familial connection, in addition to her childhood love of sketching amongst trees, inspired her fascination with trees – their shape, colors, and the mythology of woodland landscapes. Finding her current home in a small town within the New Forest, Eliza Jane has established her roots there with her family. Her love of trees continues, and she enjoys sketching amongst them to this day.

Sergei Inkatov

Sergei Inkatov is a prominent painter with a wealth of experience and an impressive ability to blend diverse cultures. He demonstrates a remarkable sense of color, deftly crafting unique palettes that uncannily reflect his distinct personal style. Inkatov primarily focuses on producing abstract compositions with deeply expressive undertones, which captivate art enthusiasts across the globe.
Inkatov’s exceptional skills and artistic prowess have landed him the opportunity to showcase his work in numerous personal exhibitions across the Baltic states, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, the USA, and Russia. He has also participated in prominent art expos, including the Beijing Art Expo and the New York Art Expo. Furthermore, Inkatov has earned several laurels for his exemplary contribution to the art industry, including international and Estonian art competitions.

Henrik Hürden

Henrik’s artistic style reveals a profound interest in the tiniest details of technical and mechanical objects, as well as mythology and the natural world. His paintings artfully capture fleeting moments that allude to everyday life occurrences, some intimate and snatched away, and others daringly bold and dynamic. Henrik’s works are intended to grab the viewer’s attention and direct it to the fleeting nature of each moment, emphasizing each tiny detail. His paintings are characterized by an ethereal, otherworldly ambiance, as well as frozen moments and a storied quality. Like a theatrical performance which leaves the audience with a deeper appreciation of the experience, Henrik’s paintings invite the viewer to a new realization of the bigger picture, based on the subjective viewpoints he expresses, and the emphasis he places on details.


Meriliis Rinne, also known as MERU, is an Estonian artist based in the UK. She graduated in law at the University of Tartu, where she developed an interest in social pressure and paradoxes. Now a painter, she uses her work to explore these themes and more. Although her main medium is painting, she has taken up sculpture, film, photography and performance. Her art has been exhibited across the UK and internationally, including at the 57th Venice Biennale and Frieze art fair events in London with Empire II – an artist-led project. A speaker at TEDx Talks 2014, Meriliis is also a member of Artcan, a fast-growing art organisation for emerging contemporary artists.

Meriliis’ art is a reflection of the diversity of the world today. Her work features a range of materials, subjects and forms, and addresses larger contextual frameworks such as personal or cultural identity. Coming from a background of growing up at the end of the Soviet era, she has created an eclectic series of works, often reflecting on the lack of uniformity. Meriliis recycles newspapers, burlap coffee bags and sometimes electronic pieces to create art. She also gives back to the community by using art to help raise funds for children’s hospitals in Estonia.

Tarrvi Laamann

I am Tarrvi Laamann, an artist born on November 29, 1973 in Estonia. With my creation, I take a pleasant, or well-vibrating impulse from the surroundings and bring it to the viewer, using various technologies. I call it an optimistic impulse from the environment and a later creative expression: “Tarrvinism”.

Tarrvi Laamann studied printmaking at the Estonian Academy of Arts, graduated the master’s program in 2000, and has been a member of the Estonian Artists’ Association since 1994. 

Maris Willadsen

I am a ceramist working in Tallinn. It’s important to me to have direct contact with the material, which is why I prefer shaping objects by hand. This work method is time-consuming, but it adds personality to each object. I mostly make consumer ceramics, but occasionally I also wander the paths of decorative ceramics. I am an experimenter and that is why my ceramics are rather eclectic.
The main emphasis is on the form, and the decor is left behind. Most of the works are made of high-heat clay.

Louis Schofield

Louise’s innate talent for art and passion for creation was evident from an early age, growing up in the scenic town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Surrounded by picturesque countryside and frequent visits to the breathtaking Yorkshire coast, her childhood was spent in exploration and discovery, from venturing through woodlands to discovering hidden caves and rock-pooling. Immersed in this idyllic backdrop, Louise’s artistic flair blossomed as she documented the stunning landscapes through her sketches and paintings.