JELENA NOVA “Cats and Ornaments”

On Wednesday, 7.12.2022, at 5.30pm, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Jelena Nova’s solo exhibition “Cats and Ornaments”. This is Jelena’s second solo exhibition in cooperation with Staapli 3 Art Gallery. Artist describes: “This exhibition is again dedicated to pets, cats to be exact and their incredible ability to be a perfect addition to a place […]

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PIA MARTIN “Intimacy”

On Friday, 28.10.2022,  at 6pm, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Pia Martin’s solo exhibition “Intimacy”. The exhibition concept contemplates on the topics of closeness and intimacy. Artist describes: “What is intimacy? Closeness, both physical and spiritual. As if the descriptive words are clear to everyone, but still, what is intimacy? Intimacy as vulnerability. Courage to […]

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MATTI PÄRK “Two Rivers”

From Thursday, 6.10.2022, Matti Pärk’s exhibition “Two Rivers” is open at Staapli 3 Art Gallery. “Two Rivers” displays Matti Pärk’s more recent artwork and is his second solo exhibition at Staapli 3 Art Gallery. The exhibition displays acrylic and pastel drawings, and contemplates on the topics of influence, impacts and changes. In nature, two rivers […]

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KARL-ERIK TALVET “Gloire Au Travail!”

On Wednesday, 7 September at 5.30pm, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Karl-Erik Talvet’s solo exhibition “Gloire Au Travail!” (Glory at Work!). The exhibition concept discusses the artists’ profession and its socioeconomic status and stability. Artist describes: “The exhibition work depict scenes from different jobs I have performed as a side activity during my artistic career […]

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Thursday, 1 September at 5.30pm, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Ana Balcazar Bartra solo exhibition “Amazon Baroque”. The exhibition of colourful and lush paintings approach the concept of the captivating power of rainforests. The artist describes: “Coming from a city like Lima, where the desert almost feels static, I got fascinated by the abundant luxurious […]

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LOLA TEHVER “Feminine Primal Energy”

Thursday, 14 July at 5.30, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Lola Tehver’s solo exhibition “Feminine Primal Energy”. The colourful exhibition work explores femininity and the inner world of feminine energy. The artist describes: The exhibition concept was born with the darkness and polar nights of autumn. Until now I have depicted very colourful female figures […]

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Thursday, 9 June at 5.30, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Sergei Inkatov solo exhibition “Echo of Love” that contemplates on the experience of feelings and emotions. And mostly – of love. The artist describes:
”Love is an inexhaustible source for inspiration that motivates creativity. This is love for the world, life, people and nature. All other […]

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KUNSTNIKUVESTLUS: Siim Hanikat / Henrik Hürden

Reedel, 3. juunil kell 17.30 toimub Staapli 3 galerii näituste raames vestlus kunstnike Siim Hanikati ja Henrik Hürdeniga. Kuidas asetab kunstnik teosed oma senise loomingu konteksti? Millest saab alguse nende loomeprotsess? Milliseid kogemusi või näpunäiteid jagavad kunstnikud vabakutselise kunstnikuna? Kunstnikuvestlus viiakse läbi avatud vestluse vormis, kus kunstnikud kõnelevad oma loomingust ja kunstist ning mõtisklevad oma […]

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HENRIK HÜRDEN “Spirit of Place”

Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Henrik Hürden’s solo exhibition “Spirit of Place” that contemplates on the concept of embodiment of various places. Henrik Hürden’s exhibition work and art practice can be described as having a sense of mystical unworldliness or timelesness that convey an atmosphere frozen in a moment. The artist’s describes: “Exhibition “Spirit of […]

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