•Rataskaevu 6 Art Gallery (hereinafter Gallery) will give the Client use of its facilities according to details and time stated in the Offer.

• With paying the invoice the Client confirms they have read the Rental Terms and Conditions and will use the facilities of the Gallery prudently and to the stated purpose.

• During the event, the Client bears the material responsibility to any damages caused to the Gallery in accordance to the legislation of Republic of Estonia.


• Receing an Offer does not mean confirmation of Booking. The Booking is considered confirmed when payment for the invoice issued by the Gallery has been received.

• The Gallery has the right to cancel the booking if the invoice issued by the Gallery has not been paid by the payment deadline.

• The Gallery will notify the Client of the confirmation of Booking via e-mail.

• The Gallery has the right to cancel the Booking if it becomes evident that it is not possible to offer the services on the requested date.


• Payment can be made based on an invoice. For confirmation of booking the Client must pay the invoice by the payment deadline.


• Cancellation date of the Booking is the date when the Gallery receives the Client’s notification about cancellation.

• If the Booking that has been paid in full is canceled after the payment deadline and more than 48 hours before the event time stated in the Booking, the Gallery will refund 50% of Booking fee.

• If the Booking that has been paid in full is cancelled less than 48 hours before the event time stated in the Booking, the Gallery will not refund Booking fee.

• If the Booking has been paid in full, but the Client wishes to change the time of the event, it will be considered as cancellation of Booking and as request for a new Booking.

• It is possible to change the time of the Booked event up to 7 days before the event and according to the possibilities of the Gallery.

• Changing a paid Booking less than 7 days and more than 48 hours of event start time, the Gallery refunds 50% of Booking fee or considers it as payment for new Booking.

• If the Gallery cancels the Booking with the reason of being unable to host the event on the requested date, the Gallery refunds the Booking fee in full amount.


• The terms and conditions of the relevant Catering company apply when booking the Catering through the Gallery.

• Any changes to the details and capacity of items ordered from the Catering will be made only when possible and with prior agreement.


• The minimum number of hours is 3 hours. Every additional hour is according to the additional hour rates. 

• Price includes a 45min set up/pack down time before and after the event.

• Set up time is for delivery and set up of event equipment, food and drinks. Delivery of items before the start of the set up time only takes place based on previous agreement with the Gallery and when suitable.

• Should your event technicians/catering a.s.o require more time for set up pack down, an additional set up/pack down cost will be charged.

• Additional hour rates are calculated by the hour

• Additional food/beverage attendat cost 7 EUR/hour will incur for events that do not have a food&beverage attendant organised by the client.

• The food/beverage attendants are organised based on prior agreement with the Client. The additional food/beverage attendat cost is calculated according to the number of event guests – 1 attendant for 20 guests. For example, an event with 40-50 guests will have 2 food/beverage attendants, but we would also recommend 2 attendants for 30 guests.

• 20% VAT will be added to all prices.


• Any personal data collected when processing Booking is strictly for the use within the company.

• If the Client has given their consent, the Gallery has the right to use the Clients contact details for promotional newsletters or invitations.

• We confirm that personal data of the Client will not be disclosed to third parties other than the purposes of processing the Booking.

• The financial data of the Client will not be stored in Gallery servers.


• The Booking fee includes a 45min set up/pack down time before and after the event.

• If the event set up or pack down takes longer the Gallery presents the Client with the invoice based on additional hour rates.


• Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. Smoking indoors is strictly prohobited.

• Pets at the Gallery are allowed only with the strict supervision of their owner and the animal can not move around freely on their own.


• The Gallery is not liable for the Client’s and Client’s guests personal items and possessions.

• The Client (person or company responsible for ticket sales or renting the Gallery) is fully responsible for the activities of their guests. This includes compensating in full any material damages that incur during the event.


• Any complaints about the services provided by the Gallery have to be submitted in writing within 3 days after the event. Subsequent complaints will not be considered.