THERE’S A SONG IN NEED. Musical evening with Oskar Piik

Performer: Joanna Sio
Genre: stand-up comedy

Language: English

Dates:  22.08, 23.08 & 24.08
Time: 6 PM
Duration: 60min

Tickets: 12€
 (on the door 15€)

NB! Limited amount of tickets with seating

Performer: Oskar Piik
Genre: music

Language: Estonian / English
 30.08, 31.08, 5.09, 6.09 & 7.09
Time: 4 PM
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 7€ 

NB! Limited amount of tickets with seating.

Born in the bustling streets of Hong Kong, but now navigating the winding roads of Bohemian life in Central Europe, Joanna Sio brings her unique perspective to the forefront, blending uproarious anecdotes with sharp wit and unfiltered honesty. Prepare to be entertained as she dives deep into childhood trauma, cultural adaptation, dating disaster and mid-life anger. 

Joanna is a stand-up comedian from Hong Kong. She has performed live stand-up in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America, participated in numerous comedy festivals, including the Singapore Comedy Fringe Festival, Manila Improv Festival, the Magners International Comedy Festival, Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival and Fringe World. She won the 1st runner up in the 2012 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition. 
 In 2015, she was invited to perform in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, i the first troupe of ‘Comedy Zone Asia’ and represented Hong Kong to compete in Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person in the World Competition in 2016. She debuted her first solo show “No Boyfriend No Fries” in the Singapore Comedy Fringe 2017 and the Perth Fringe World Festival 2017. In 2014, she founded the Singaporean Improv Troupe “The Latecomers” that she directed until 2017. 

Since 2017, she resides in the Czech Republic, where she organises a monthly comedy night, bringing comedians from all the world to perform in the lovely Central European city Olomouc.

More information about the performer:

Spend a late summer evening with spirited and cozy live music. In addition to an enjoyable evening you have a wonderful opportunity to expand your musical horizons with Oskar Piik’s music. The memorable concert will include commentary by the performer on how his audio works are created and what a challenge it can be to finish a song. Those, who desire to hear the classics will also not be disappointed – Oskar will perform music by Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and many others. The music will be in Estonian and English. This event is suitable for everyone who yearn to listen to simple and beautiful music.

Oskar Piik himself describes that songs come to him from “out of nowhere”. These songs like to complain about life’s hardships, dispute over love, and contemplate about their own role in the world. Songs are given support from Oskar’s voice and two guitars. This succesful collaboration began about 4 years ago and together they have performed in numerous places across Estonia. Oskar Piik lives and is from Tartu.

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