In December, come by Rataskaevu 6 Art Gallery and check out our winter offers! Offers on art, design and cafe items are available 1.12.2023 -1.01.2024.

Who: Lucky Laika
Works and the gallery: graphic prints, postcards, earings, coasters
Lucky Laika is a family business – Olivia has drawn illustrations for all of the products, Tarieli’s job is to get those pictures on the products and deliver those products to the customer. 
Lucky Laika was born 10 years ago when the family felt they wanted to do something together and that it could be their everyday job. They felt so happy and lucky when started.
These feelings are still here and they feel it every day. Lucky Laika really hopes that this good feeling will transfer through their products to you, too.
That’s why this name – Lucky Laika – we all deserve to be happy and lucky!

Who: Kadri Hansen, Ossuarium Floreus Art, Ulvi Haagensen
Works and the gallery: graphic prints, drawings, postcards, brooches, patches

Rataskaevu 6 Art Gallery has new art and design works from three distinctive Estonian artists. Kadri Hansen is an Estonian aerialist who loves to share parts of her inner self through aerial performances and art. Kadri is inspired by contradictions both in humans and Estonia’s nature in different seasons. Ossuarium Art is an Estonian designer, who is inspired by the nature of the human body, and whose designs depict the anatomical human body. Ulvi Haagensen is an Estonian visual artist, who explores the aesthetics of the everyday.
Her work depicts and interprets everyday motifs and domestic activities.

Enjoy tasty hot cocoa with vanilla, peppermint, caramel or gingerbread syrup! For the smaller sweet tooth, we offer extra tasty cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream!

Add peppermint Minttu, Vana Tallinn liqueur or alcohol of your own choosing and get your fingers warm in no time!

Classic winter drink to celebrate the season! Hot and softly spiced (alcohol-free) red wine will set the mood for the evening.