Who: Jaan Saar
Artwork: Tallinn Graphic Calendar
Genre: print
Works and the gallery: artist’s proofed graphic prints, postcards, Tallinn calendar

At the centre of Saar Graafika company is its CEO and artist Jaan Saar. Of course, there are many other people involved also – the company does creative collaboration with various artists, designers and authors. Since its’ inception, the company’s main activity has been the publishing of English textbooks, editions of graphic illustrations and illustrating all kinds of product labels (in collaboration with companies such as KOOR, Divisjon, Rakett, Kontuur Leo Burnett etc).

Who:  Tauno Kangro
Genre: Sculpture
Works at the gallery: miniature sculptures

Tauno Kangro’s work is very versatile and themes have developed over the years into fascinating mix of mythology and realism. Over time, animal and wildlife themes are one of the prominent ones in sculptures and pastel drawings. While some pieces are very realistic, others can be rather humorous.
Kangro’s distinctive sculptures have become the symbolic objects of many sites in Estonia. He mostly uses bronze, granite and dolomite as the material. 

Who: Tarrvi Laamann
Artwork: “Bread, Estonian Brainfood”
Genre: painting
Works and the gallery: paintings, artist’s proofed graphic prints, postcards

Tarrvi Laamann is an Estonian artist and traveller, who already for the last twenty years has considered Jamaica as his second home. Laamann’s pictures are influenced by reggae and his homeland Estonia. Trips  overseas have added bright colorss, smells, tastes, warmth, rhythms and a feeling as if you were on vacation. This exotic vibrance is crafted into a beauty that is more spiritual than decorative. Laamann’s art is positive and happy; it’s his way of improving the world.

Tarrvi Laamann explains the use of the woodcut technique as follows: “You never know what the result will be, because wood can play crazy tricks.  If I worked with a smooth oak board then the result would maybe be more predictable. But I like to work with plywood. What makes it interesting is that there are many elements – I have the feeling that I didn’t make it myself, but God or someone else has put stupid ideas into my head and then the woodcut adds its own quirks. I like that. One can’t really control it, just like life.”

Tarrvi has graduated from graphic art (MA) at the Estonian Academy of Arts and continued his studies in Japan and India.  At Rataskaevu 6 Art Gallery, we display Tarrvi’s paintings, artist proof prints and postcards.


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