24/04/2023 HENRIK HÜRDEN “Harmony”


From 1 May 2023, Henrik Hürden’s solo exhibition “Harmony ” is open at Rataskaevu 6 Art Gallery.

The exhibition “Harmony” displays six acrylic paintings that evolved from the “Spirit of Place” exhibition and from the series of paintings by the same name.

“The whole story behind depicting the simple macaco and the “Harmony” paintings began seven years ago, when I met the macaco for the first time while visiting Bali – up to their necks digging through trash, and seemingly very content and happy. Although I had minimum contact with these wonderful animals, they left an unforgettable impression on me. Inspired by this, every work in this series depicts a well-known brand, which symbolizes the effect people have on our planet. For me, the balinese macaco is a symbol for the natural world adapting to the artificial.” (Henrik Hürden)

Henrik Hürden’s art practice examines the conflict between the natural and artificial. He is inspired by technical and mechanical objects, mythical stories and long walks in nature. His paintings often theatrically convey frozen or stored moments that have a mystical or unworldly atmosphere. Playing with the limits of reality, helps to direct the viewer’s gaze to details that emphasize an experience and support a deeper message of the painting.

This exhibition displays all the works that have been created in the “Harmony” series so far. The paintings are almost talking to one another, and by making this small stop they are hinting that surely this series cannot end yet.

The opening of “Harmony” exhibition is on 13 May at 7pm.

Henrik has graduated with a degree in scenography from the Estonian Academy of Arts and has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions at Telliskivi Creative City, Staapli 3 Art Gallery, Esna Gallery, ArtDepoo Gallery, Ministry of Rural Affairs and many other venues.

Opening on 13.05.2023 at 7pm
Exhibition is open 1 May until 28 May 2023

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