PIA MARTIN “Intimacy”

On Friday, 28.10.2022,  at 6pm, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Pia Martin’s solo exhibition “Intimacy”. The exhibition concept contemplates on the topics of closeness and intimacy.

Artist describes: “What is intimacy? Closeness, both physical and spiritual. As if the descriptive words are clear to everyone, but still, what is intimacy? Intimacy as vulnerability. Courage to show yourself completely, in every light, both the thoughts and feelings of your inner world as well as all sides of your body, those that we are happy with and also those that cause us discomfort, shame. Shame is an interesting feeling that everyone has experienced, but few can really handle. I feel that looking at the shame is also part of the process. For yourself and your partner.”

In her art practice, Pia Martin focuses on emphasizing sensuality and does that through a female gaze. As a female artist, she often depics male bodies, challenging the traditionally dominating masculine gaze.

This exhibition depicts intimate moments between a couple, which everyone seems to long to experience, but which not everyone always gets to. Exhibition displays paintings that can evoke dual feelings in the viewer – both joy and sadness, depending on subjective experiences.

Pia Martin (b 1988) is a versatile freelance artist working in the fields of digital art, illustration, digital design and dance. She has founded two dance studios, given many performances and held personal exhibitions. Pia has studied Art Education at Tallinn University (BA, 2011) and Cultural Management at University of Tartu (MA, 2013). 

Exhibition opening 28.10 from 6-8pm
Exhibition is open until 27.11.2022

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