MATTI PÄRK “Two Rivers”

From Thursday, 6.10.2022, Matti Pärk’s exhibition “Two Rivers” is open at Staapli 3 Art Gallery. “Two Rivers” displays Matti Pärk’s more recent artwork and is his second solo exhibition at Staapli 3 Art Gallery.

The exhibition displays acrylic and pastel drawings, and contemplates on the topics of influence, impacts and changes.

In nature, two rivers that flow close or parallel don’t run side by side for long, but will start closing in on one another. One grabs water from the other, one absorbs the other. Likewise, the artist’s practice also doesn’t stand alone with its process, but is influenced by the environment and everything that’s close, which has impelled the artist to create. The flowing and colourful lines of the artworks run their path intuitively and almost self-evidently. One looks for and grabs the other, one absorbs the other.

The artist himself says that his work is almost illustrative as the inspiration mostly derives from an image or composition and only then ends up on paper. But his work is far from “recording” and is often created through a line that is constantly moving and searching, and that is influenced by the surroundings. The viewers gaze observes the dynamic play of lines and tries to get a fix on a disappearing centre. Multilayered figures, references and incentives emerge from the seemingly abstract work and blend into one swarm.

Matti Pärk’s exhibition “Two Rivers” has captured contemplations, experiences or influences with a skilful use of media, colour and line while leaving plenty of space to the viewers own subjective interpretation.

Matti Pärk (s1945) has graduated from Tartu Art School and Estonian Academy of Arts. He has worked at Valgus Publishers as the art director of ENE (Estonian Soviet Encyclopedia), where he designed and edited the publications. Matti has designed hundreds of books for various publishers and illustrated poetry collections, children and prose books.
Since 1984, he has been teaching drawing at Estonian Academy of Arts.

Matti has participated in the annual exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association (Spring Exhibition) and exhibited works in Hungary, Keila, Tallinn, Sweden, Jõhvi and Tartu. His drawings are in private collections in Poland, Austria, Estonia, Sweden and Hungary. Many of Matti’s books have received recognition in Estonia and abroad. He has participated at Vilnius book triennials and Polish drawing triennials. In 2015, he was nominated for the grand prize at the 5th International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn.

Exhibition is open until 6.11.2022

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