KARL-ERIK TALVET “Gloire Au Travail!”

On Wednesday, 7 September at 5.30pm, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Karl-Erik Talvet’s solo exhibition “Gloire Au Travail!” (Glory at Work!). The exhibition concept discusses the artists’ profession and its socioeconomic status and stability.

Artist describes: “The exhibition work depict scenes from different jobs I have performed as a side activity during my artistic career (exhibited in chronological order). Some of the paintings bear a quite strong contrast between the official title of the depicted job and the actual painted scene. Some of the jobs depicted in the paintings were only tried/tested for a few days (trial periods, for example). Yet they still deserve to be highlighted in order to give an idea of ​​how difficult it often is to find a work that suits you without trying diffent things. Very few people manage to find work that they like and is close to their heart.”

The exhibition title “Gloire Au Travail!” is given somewhat ironically considering the role of an artist and its sustainability in contemporary societies. Just like the time the artist spent doing different jobs varies, the time creating the artwork also differs. The simplistic and almost naïve sense of paintings are often created freely within one painting session, and they reflect a sense of randomness and temporality similar to adapting to various new job positions.

Karl-Erik Talvet (b. 1991 in Paris) lives and works in Tallinn, and is mostly interested in painting and comic art. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and found inspiration for new exhibitions from military missions, where he participated as a translator. Karl-Erik has graduated from master’s of arts in painting from Estonian Academy of Arts and studied on exchange at Accademia di Brera in Milano in 2016/2017. Karl-Erik Talvet is a member of the Estonian Painters Association and Estonian Cartoonists Association.

Exhibition opening: 7.09.2022 from 5.30-8PM
Exhibition period: 7.09-9.10.2022 

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