Thursday, 1 September at 5.30pm, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Ana Balcazar Bartra solo exhibition “Amazon Baroque”. The exhibition of colourful and lush paintings approach the concept of the captivating power of rainforests.

The artist describes: “Coming from a city like Lima, where the desert almost feels static, I got fascinated by the abundant luxurious vegetation and rich diversity of the rainforest. The contrast of vast open views of rivers and mountains, where sometimes it is hard to see the sky and other times hard to tell how far you can see. But the jungle is not only a visual experience, it is also full of various sounds, smells and energy. Whenever I travel out of the city, I notice that plants also dance, they move all day with the light and air, almost like a coordinated choreography. They are not static sculptures, everything around us is constructed to connect, outside and inside of us.”

“Amazon Baroque” is a compendium of the artist’s most recent series of large format botanical paintings and drawings. The exhibition brings out the mesmerising power of nature that places the viewer in front of their natural condition and confronts them with our reality – we are part of nature too.

Ana Balcázar Bartra (Lima 1984) is a Peruvian visual artist and educator. Her main body of work is based on her life experiences, she uses landscape and nature and her body to express her identity story, through mural painting, canvas and illustrations. She studied three years of sculpture, but eventually graduated from Bachelor of Arts in painting at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2012) and completed master studies in Education of Art (2017-2018) in Ricardo Palma University. She has been a professor of Creativity and Creative Process in the Peruvian undergraduate Institute Toulouse Lautrec.

She has exhibited her art both nationally and internationally since 2009. Her work has been shown in Berlin, California, México D.F., Washington D.C., Medellin, Quito, and many others. In 2021, her art works were published in an extended article interview by the Argentinian and Chilean virtual art magazine Ophelia.

Exhibition opening: 1.09.2022 from 5.30PM-8.00PM
Exhibition period: 1.09.-25.09.2022

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