Thursday, 9 June at 5.30, Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Sergei Inkatov solo exhibition “Echo of Love” that contemplates on the experience of feelings and emotions. And mostly – of love.

The artist describes:
”Love is an inexhaustible source for inspiration that motivates creativity. This is love for the world, life, people and nature. All other things are secondary like echo, almost like the echo of love, out of which an image of the world is born on canvas.”

Sergei Inkatov’s exhibition displays abstract paintings, often known to those, who are especially demanding for “intellectual food”.
The colours of emotions, the subconscious intuitivity, the escape from the everyday – it can all be found on Sergei Inkatov’s canvases. Each work of art is an entire world that can change the person, make them experience, feel and love. Observe attentively the echo of feelings and love!

Sergei Inkatov (born 1971) is an Estonian artist of Armenian origin whose artwork is known in Estonia and abroad. Sergei’s paintings are highly regarded by art critics and his abstract paintings have won the International Art Professionals Awards (IAPA) golden medal twice, in 2017 and 2019, which is awarded by the Mondial Art Academia in the category of abstract art.

Sergei Inkatov is a member of Estonian Artists’ Association, is an ambassador of Mondial Art Academy in Estonia, has participated in many exhibitions and art forums, including Art Expo Beijing and New York Art Expo.

Exhibition opening 5.06 at 5.30-8.00pm
Exhibition period 5.06.-10.07.2022

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