HENRIK HÜRDEN “Spirit of Place”

Staapli 3 Art Gallery opens Henrik Hürden’s solo exhibition “Spirit of Place” that contemplates on the concept of embodiment of various places.

Henrik Hürden’s exhibition work and art practice can be described as having a sense of mystical unworldliness or timelesness that convey an atmosphere frozen in a moment.

The artist’s describes: “Exhibition “Spirit of Place” is the story about the becoming of my inspiration and ideas. It will give an idea of how my thoughts wander and how they become to be. Some places have such a very strong vibration of a spirit that I feel it even when the place itself has irreversibly changed or destroyed. These are my memories, but these places have other bodies or faces when they communicate with me, leave unforgettable impressions and influences on my creativity.”

Henrik likes playing with composition and background, so that it would have a sense of both of the real and unreal. Playing with these boundaries helps the artist to emphasize and the viewer to find aspects that expose a deeper meaning of the painting. Acrylics, collage and various techniques create shapes, colours and imagery as realism is blended with abstraction.

Henrik has graduated with a degree in scenography from Estonian Academy of Arts and has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions at Telliskivi Creative City, Staapli 3 Art Gallery, ArtDepoo gallery, and at Ministry of Rural Affairs.

Exhibition opening 5 May 5.30PM – 8PM
Exhibition period 5.05. – 5.06.2022
Henrik Hürden

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