SERGEI FRIDMAN “On a Foreign Planet”

On Thursday, 17.02, at 5.30pm, Sergei Fridman’s photo exhibition “On a Foreign Planet” opens at Staapli 3 Art Gallery.

The artist describes: The photo series “On a Foreign Planet” tells a story of the strength of spirit, which returns the real dream to people – the dream of cosmos. The story is inspired by the development of technology and by long scientific research that does not always seem to have a clear outcome. In situations like these, young scientists have to contend with themselves as well as with this unknown. Still, science gives the youth an opportunity to bring to life their thoughts and ideas, and makes life more interesting. Today, the peaks of Maslow’s pyramid have been empty for a long time and we have a wonderful opportunity to fill them with an unknown planet – the scientific research.”

Sergei Fridman is an interdisciplinary photographer, who started working with digital cameras when they were gaining popularity in 2003. Sergei has found inspiration from Sally Mann’s, Ellen von Unwerth’s and Anna-Lou Leibovitz’s art. He is captivated by the conditions of the human spirit and by capturing them from unusual angles.

In January 2014, Sergei had a photo exhibition “Fairy Tales of Old Manors” at Kiek in de Kök that aimed to capture the beauty, mystery and diversity of Estonian manors. In 2019, he was awarded the gold medal in the Trierenberg Super Circuit’s 35 Awards competition.

Exhibition opening: 17.02.2022 at 5.30-8pm
Exhibition period 17.02.-20.03.2022

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