21/06/2024 MAIBRIT PUUSEPP “Portraits of Dreams”

MAIBRIT PUUSEPP “Portraits of Dreams”


Thursday, 27.06, at 5.30pm, Rataskaevu 6 Art gallery opens Maibrit Puusepp’s debut exhibition”Portraits of dreams.

The exhibited photos aim to interpret the subconscious world visually, where every detail has a hidden meaning. By shedding light on the “shadow”, the artist reflects her journey to self-awareness. The exhibition consists of self-portraits that were inspired by dreams and have been created in the past few years.

Artist describes: “After journaling about my dreams for months, I noticed a pattern: many of them were about photography. It was then that I picked up a camera and became a fine art photographer. My first subject? My own dreams, and what I could learn about them in the process of creating. Using myself as the subject of my images helps to place myself back in the dreams that inspired me. With the help of Photoshop, I create surreal dreamlike landscapes.”

Maibrit has graduated from the Academy of Music and Theatre with a master’s degree in music teaching. As a music teacher, photography took on a secondary role in her life until she was introduced to Jungian psychotherapy. Up until that point in time, she had felt her existence had a sense of emptiness to it. Dream analysis changed it all that when she started encountering recurring patterns. In her dreams, she often saw herself literally reaching out for the camera. This gave Maibrit the impulse to dig out her old friend that had been collecting dust in the closet and start photographing again.

Maibrit Puusepp has been interested in photography since she was little. She recalls having her very own digital camera, often referred to as a “soap box”, that was always with her. Maibrit especially liked taking pictures of nature and using rather long exposure settings. She still likes the sense of baroqueness that it creates and hopes to also capture it in her art practice.

Exhibition opening 27.06 at 5.30-8pm
Exhibition period 27.06-28.07.2024
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