Who: Aime the Theatrical Poet 
Date: 24.05
Time: 7PM-8.30PM
Fee: pay what you like

This event is in English

On Friday May 24th 2024 at 7pm, Rataskaevu 6 Art gallery will showcase theatrical comedy poetry in English.  The show is an ultra-theatrical approach to poetry, a cabaret-style humorous performance where characters from the poems come alive as three- dimensional personalities. They also try to kidnap the Poet and change the plot to their liking.

Aime the Theatrical Poet is the Protagonist, who is trying to keep the mischievous characters in check. But they storm past her, directly into the lime light. Aime’s co-stars involve: A Certain Herr Professor, No-Nonsense Girl Next Door, Actor George from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, A Babe With Suspicious Intentions, A Well-Behaved Space Alien, many others.

On a more realistic note: this is a one-woman show where the performer plays many different characters. Little scenes appear one after another, the characters interact with the audience and one another. The parade of characters is blended together with interludes of physical theatre and music. The poet invites the audience to the playful landscapes of magical reality.

Aime the Theatrical Poet (stage name) is an Estonian writer, performance artist and visual artist. She graduated from the university as a linguist, but her hearth belongs to creative arts. She has published several books of prose and poetry, has won a literary price. She writes/performs poetry both in English and Estonian. Theatrical /visual / storytelling are trademark features of Aime’s poetry. Aime feels that her current style of poetry is most influenced by her encounters with London live poetry scene where she was an active participant at a certain period of her life.

As a performer she has taken part at numerous events and many festivals over the years, in Estonia and abroad. She has appeared on stage as a performance poet, improviser, physical theatre performer, actress in fringe plays. She has also showcased her artwork at several solo exhibitions.