08/04/2024 Elisa Ritsing A NEW CHAPTER

Elisa Ritsing A NEW CHAPTER

On 18 April at 5.30pm, Rataskaevu 6 Art Gallery opens Elisa Ritsing’s exhibition “A New Chapter”. The displayed paintings contemplate on the subject of grief, introspection and re-emergence.

Artist describes: “At some point, many of us come to the realisation that something in our life is not quite as it should or could be. The paintings in this exhibition are inspired by a period of grief and emergence, were made between 2019-2023 and give a deeper insight into the (un)consciously experienced feelings at the time and the need to express them. At that point, we are free to make a choice: we can try to look inside this strange feeling to understand what is “wrong” or simply ignore the feeling and go on as if nothing happened. Sometimes life itself gives a stronger push to delve deeper into this topic, as if saying, you are now mature enough to give you this powerful experience, because from there a new chapter in your life begins.

Elisa Ritsing is a dancer and choreographer, who focuses in her creativity on two topics: female sexuality and subconsciousness, and the unconscious thought and behaviour patterns that derive from them. The current exhibition developed out of a vision for a dance performance that the artist eventually was unable to put into dance. This vision took its form on a canvas and with acrylic paints. As her painting language, Elisa uses naive/ surrealistic forms and symbols that are often presented with strong and contrasted colours. 

Last year, Elisa finished the painting course at the Open Academy at Estonian Academy of Arts. She has participated in multiple group exhibitions in Estonia: MA EI SAA ARU art festival, Viljandi Centre for Folk Music, ArtDepoo gallery in Tallinn and more.

Exhibition opening 18.04.24 at 5.30-8pm
Exhibition period 18.04-19.05.2024