24/05/2024 SANTA ZUKKER “Difference/Erinevus”

SANTA ZUKKER “Difference/Erinevus”

On 28 May 2024 at 6pm, Ratakaevu 6 Art Gallery opens Santa Zukker’s exhibition “Difference/Erinevus”.

The exhibition “Difference” focuses on abstractions of Santa’s work that are created with different media and through testing the points where different styles and tones meet. The classic composition has been taken to pieces and mixed up and has once again acquired a distinctive form through a playful creative process.

The main focus of her work is Santa’s love for playing with colour and for experimenting with bold contrasts as it creates a strong emotion. Her paintings are characterised by features that are classic in a sense, but also playful and even mystical, sometimes with a twist.

Santa describes her art: “The difference lies in constantly trying new things and daring to not repeat yourself too much. I once read an image that art is a line around your thoughts. Art teaches precisely that everything what you can imagine in your mind’s eye can become reality.”

Exhibition Opening 28 May 2024 at 6PM.
Exhibition period 28.05-23.06. 2024.